Island is a non profit art space, opened in 2012 by Belgian artists
Sébastien Bonin and Brice Guilbert. Since its opening, Island’s aim
has been to promote artists and their work through exhibitions, conferences,
screenings, etc. Mainly focusing on the belgian scene, Island presents emerging artists
- some might be either very young, just graduated or yet unrepresented by a gallery.
Occasionally, Island collaborates with established artists to encourage the transmission of skills
and experience/best practice. Island is a place for sharing and creating contemporary propositions.
It is also a space where artists are allowed to experiment, not constrained by a curatorial lead
or mercantile concerns. This allows for a multitude of propositions to emerge,
often antithetical and opposite. Therefore, every exhibition is unique,
conceived according to its own criteria without referencing previous projects.

Director & Curator: Emmanuelle Indekeu
Assistant Curator: Antoine Coullet, Anita Figueredo
Interns: wanted
Former interns: Giulia Menegale, Hélène Jacques, Valérie Buckenmeyer, Maude Willaerts, Manon Ceyssel, Manuela Kokanovic, Louise Fourny & Céline Guelton, Marta del Sasso, Emma Caffot.

Island, 69 rue Général Leman, 1040 Brussels

Island is supported by Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles, Fondation Roi Baudouin, COCOF and Duvel Moortgat.
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