Island is a non profit art space, opened in 2012 by two young Belgian artists
Sébastien Bonin and Brice Guilbert and is now directed by Emmanuelle Indekeu.
Since its begining Island’s aim has been to promote young artists, focusing on
the belgian scene, through exhibitions, conferences, screenings,etc.
Differencing itself from a gallery, Island does not represent artists but
invites each time again new artists for each of the different projects organised.
By inviting young artists and curators, Island offers them a platform to present their
works to the public in solo or group exhibitions, on a subject or reflection chosen
by either the artist, curator or Island’s team. For the most part, artists get
a free pass and can appropriate the space for themselves.

Director & Curator: Emmanuelle Indekeu
Island Friends: Unda Dequaire
Interns: Manon Ceyssel & Manuela Kokanovic
Former interns: Louise Fourny & Céline Guelton

Island, 69 rue Général Leman, 1040 Brussels

with the support of