Méthodologie décoloniale: de quelques exemples pour décoloniser et dénationaliser histoire et culture

Françoise Vergès, lecture (in french)

Wednesday, September 28th, 6pm

From a few practical exemples at La Réunion, in France and in the world, Françoise Vergès suggests a decolional methodology: how to present esclavagism, colonialism, and the oppositions? How to avoid the pitfal of the "putting right" because "putting right" indicates a norm, but who establishes this norm? How can we unveil the european postcolionalism?

Françoise Vergès is a french politologue, she grew up in La Réunion and Algeria. She has published extensively on postcolonial theory, creolization, psychoanalysis, slavery and the economy of predation.
Vergés has been invited to documenta 14 where she gave a conference on documenta's theme "South as a state of mind".
She will give at Island a conference referencing her speech at documenta 14.

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